How to grow taller naturally. Growing Taller Secrets book describes ways to grow taller without using any drugs or chemicals

How Growing Taller Secrets book
was born and developed

 My name is Robert Grand and I proudly introduce my new book, Growing Taller Secrets, second edition.

This is my story, and more about the book:

At the age of 20 I was very unhappy with my height ( 5'1" tall), and had no idea that it would be possible to grow any taller. One day, my karate coach suggested: "I'm sure you can still boost your height, just search for the way". At that day I decided to investigate if my coach was right. I could not find any books about how to grow taller at that time, so I started to collect any information I could find and experimenting on myself.

Eventually it became my goal and my passion to learn as much as possible about what can change my growth rate. I visited several doctors, studied many medical books on how everything works in the human body, I've read numerous books on untraditional medicine, studied many research papers that had at least some helpful info.

Within the first year I learned enough to understand that my coach was right. I gained about two inches of height that year. I did not wait that long until I increased my height by over 3 more inches. It may not seem that much, but believe me, total of 5  inches of height increase makes such a big difference. I stopped growing at the age of about 27, with final height of 5'7", and I know I could be even taller if would start earlier.

In 1997 I realized that I could share  my knowledge with others, and decided to write a book about how to grow taller. I was fortunate to meet and get friendly with a small group of doctors and scientists in New York City whom I joined soon after. Together we have conducted an extensive research, had many people of different ages and height participated, applying techniques on themselves. In year 1999, my first book "Growing Taller Secrets" was finished and got published by a reputable publishing company in New York City.

Shortly after the book's publication, to my excitement, my book became a global bestseller, which still is - up until this day. Over all these years we have received thousands of thankful letters, and helped many more thousands in email support with answers on additional questions.

After the book was published, I decided not to stop my research because suddenly I had thousands of people following my program from the book.  I had the best opportunity to study from results of my followers, from communicating with them on all issues they had with the process of getting taller. Within couple of years, with all additional information that I gathered, I realized that the original book is not perfect, there is so much more I could give to my followers, so I decided to write a new version of this book in the near future.

I went back to my research on the subject of human growth, mainly on how human body reacts to certain activities. I decided to learn in much more detail about not only what is needed to increase person's height, but how the entire process of human growth works - from conception up to the old age.

I did not want it to be just another book, I wanted it to be a complete course that would leave no second guessing on what to do and how it works to anyone reading this book. Believe it or not, it took me over seven years to finally finish the new Growing Taller Secrets book the way I wanted. It was the biggest and longest project I have ever done.

In the book I wanted to explain not only everything that you need to do to increase your height, but why, and exactly how it works, what happens to your body when you do each activity. I wanted you to truly understand the entire process as I do, because I want you to believe in what you are doing. Only when you believe that what you do is correct, your goal will become a true success.

My biggest obstacle was to write all this complicated information in a way that any young person could understand, and in a shortest possible way, so you would have enough patience to finish reading it. I tried hard, and I think succeeded on that. I thought I would never finish the book, but in October 2009 it finally completed it and sent to a publisher.

Now, in the year 2010, the book "Growing Taller Secrets, second edition" is finally published! I'm very exited to see over 19 years of my continuous work in your hands and in hands of many, many others. I believe with my full heart that this book can change your life. I also wrote this book for my beautiful children (8 years old and 11 years old this year) because I want only best for them. 

If you are wondering about secrets in this book, I can reassure you that the book is full of them, sometimes visible in bold, but more often hidden in text. These are the secrets that bond everything in the book into one meaningful piece. All of these secrets are very crucial in your quest to grow taller, what's even more important - this combined secret knowledge can be applied not only for the purpose of growing taller, but for almost everything else you will ever encounter. I guarantee, this knowledge can make the rest of your life much better.


If you are interested in my course, but still have questions before purchasing it, I will be happy to answer your questions. If you are ready, I will do my best to support you all the way. I dedicate at least 2-3 hours each day to answer all emails of my followers, usually being able to reply within the same day. My email is: rgrand@grow-taller.com Also, the publishing company's customer service for this book is trained to answer all of your general and most common questions. Their email: info@grow-taller.com


Due to very high demand, the publishing company is temporarily out of stock for this book, it is available for purchase with extremely fast and reliable delivery at www.amazon.com


How to grow taller naturally. Growing Taller Secrets book describes ways to grow taller without using any drugs or chemicals



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